EJOT. Bringing it together – EJOT Group turns 100 years

Continuing to be successful as the industry's technology leader

EJOT 100th company anniversary Impressive what has become of the small nail shop with one machine in the workshop of the company founder Adolf Böhl in Berghausen near Bad Berleburg: The EJOT Group with worldwide over 3800 employees in 35 countries. "The fact that our group has already lasted for more than three generations is a good sign - for us, because we have successfully outperformed the competition and for our customers, because it symbolizes reliability and can strengthen trust," emphasizes the managing partner of the EJOT Group, Christian Kocherscheidt.

"To stoke the fire, not preserve the ashes." EJOT will certainly look back on the past 100 years, but the focus should be on the next 100 years. What can we do to improve the conditions for the coming years? What makes us different and what makes us successful in competition? What major technological, geopolitical and economic developments are to be expected? How does the EJOT Group plan to prevail?

A central aspect in the strategic orientation is the preservation of the EJOT family business, which as a company independent of the capital market with a broad customer base can defend its independence, i.e. pursue its own strategies. That in turn only works if EJOT is well positioned and successful. This includes first of all the change of the legal business form, which is planned for 2022, from EJOT GmbH & Co. KG to EJOT SE. This new legal form strengthens the character of the family business of European origin.

Another important aspect are the increasing technological dynamics: digitalization, the emerging change in mobility, but also the requirements to make climate change compatible for all. In order to remain at the forefront of these changes in terms of technology, the EJOT Group will focus more strongly on the markets in North America and Asia and intensify cooperation with the demanding and dynamic customers based there. Technology leadership and innovative strength are – and will remain – the key drivers of the success of the EJOT Group.

A major challenge in the coming years will be the restructuring of the EJOT Group towards climate neutrality. We all have a fundamental interest in keeping our world livable. For this purpose, goals are formulated for the whole EJOT Group, which will accompany the business over the current decade.

This also means new opportunities for the EJOT Group thanks to our products, which already offer great potential for transforming our economy from fossil combustion to more climate-friendly technologie. Electromobility offers connecting points for screws and joining elements from the broad EJOT product range: from battery technology and lightweight and mixed construction of the body shell, to charging stations for electricity etc. This also includes the insulation of buildings, fastening systems for solar plants, industrial lightweight construction or digital services, through which EJOT customers can more easily dimension their components "correctly" and thus prevent waste.

"We want to continue to be at the top of our industry to ensure survival. We are working with many levers: products, organization, international positioning, climate and our "EJOT spirit", which we want to emphasize particularly in the anniversary year." says Christian Kocherscheidt in conclusion.

„EJOT. Bringing it together“ – the slogan for the 100th anniversary expresses the great diversity that characterizes the EJOT Group: Technical innovations, partnership with customers and suppliers who get more than "just" a screw at EJOT. Curiosity, openness and the joy of experimentation are also part of the EJOT philosophy, as is an open and transparent corporate culture with fair dealings with each other. As a family-run company, EJOT attaches particular importance to sustainable growth and regional responsibility. EJOT is bringing components and products together. EJOT is bringing companies together. EJOT is bringing people together. The central message is: "EJOT. Bringing it together."

Central meeting point for all employees of the EJOT Group is an online anniversary platform. True to the anniversary motto „EJOT. Bringing it together” everyone from the EJOT world can meet here virtually. Go live of the anniversary platform is the 4th of January 2022. Reports, photos and videos about the events, actions from the national companies, stories from the EJOT world, a gaming area, competitions, chats - the pulse of the anniversary beats on the platform. Amongst other things, customer events, family days and charity campaigns are also planned at all EJOT locations throughout the anniversary year. With the charity events EJOT would like to get involved with projects at the different locations that are from the charitable area or that are related to environmental protection and nature conservation.

EJOT, headquartered in Bad Berleburg / Germany, is a medium-sized group of companies in the metalworking industry and European market leader in fastening technology. EJOT offers a broad range of innovative fastening elements, such as self-tapping screws for metal and plastics, engineered plastic and metal formed parts as well as a complete range of fasteners for roofing and cladding. The customers are from the automotive and supplier industry, telecommunications and consumer electronics as well as the building industry. EJOT employs about 3800 people world-wide. In addition to the German production sites in Bad Berleburg, Bad Laasphe and Tambach-Dietharz, EJOT produces in China, India, Brazil, Great Britain, Mexico, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey, USA, Lithuania, Russia and Finland. The company also has numerous sales offices worldwide.