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Metallanker und chemische Anker

Sicherheitsd?bel S

LIEBIG® Sicherheitsdübel S


Sicherheitsdübel mit Sechskantschraube, galvanisch verzinkt
Sicherheitsd?bel B

LIEBIG® Sicherheitsdübel B


Sicherheitsdübel mit Gewindebolzen und Mutter, galvanisch verzinkt
Sicherheitsd?bel SK ZN

LIEBIG® Sicherheitsdübel SK


Sicherheitsdübel mit Senkkopfschraube, galvanisch verzinkt

Mörtelkartusche Multifix USF

Chemische Anker

Verankerung in Beton und Mauerwerk

Mörtelkartusche Multifix USF Winter

Chemische Anker

Schnellere Aushärtezeiten bei niedrigen Temperaturen

Betonschraube JC2-IT


Schraubanker Sechskantkopf mit Innengewinde M8/M10



Zur Bohrlochreinigung in Beton und Mauerwerk




Metal and chemical anchors

We offer special products for mechanical anchoring in non-cracked and cracked concrete as well as chemical and thus expansion pressure-free products for heavy-duty fastening in concrete and masonry.


Through bolts

EJOT through bolts are the economic solution for the installation of metal and wooden constructions into concrete (facade, ceiling and floor). They meet high requirements for load capacity and safety. The broad range of applications and the scope of dimensions make these through bolts a cost-effective all-rounder.


Chemical anchors: injection technology

The mortar cartridge is the ideal solution for the embedment of anchor rods in indoor and outdoor areas. Especially when high demands are placed on load-carrying capacity and safety. The EJOT mortar cartridge allows small center and edge distances.


Concrete screws

The JC2 concrete screw is very easy and quick to install. Requires neither additional tools nor operations. It is able to take high loads even with small spacings and edge distances. It is removable and thus well suited for temporary fixings.